Current Pokemon Anime Series Coming To An End

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An entirely new Pokémon series doesn't just mean new Pokémon games, it also means something else.


This fall the anime version of current Pokémon series Diamond and Pearl will conclude its run to make way for the totally new Pokémon Black and White franchise.

The original Pokémon anime first ran in 1997, and the second series (Pocket Monsters: Advanced Generation) started in 2002. The current series, Diamond and Pearl, began in 2007.

As well as an animated series, each series spins off animated feature films. This upcoming film Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl the Movie: Phantom Ruler Zoroark features upcoming Pokémon Black and White character Zoroark. It will be released this summer.

アニメ「ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド&パール」が2010年秋に完結、新シリーズへ移行か [GIGAZINE]



Ash, you are 23 years old. It's time to maybe consider settling down, or at least step up your game and go big.

I've become the Pokemon Master like thirty times in the last 13 years ash.

Thirty times.

Come on, you can do it, it's not hard.

Your mom worries Ash.

You aren't going anywhere, you don't call, and you just leave her alone all with that Mr. Mime.

Mr. Mime Ash.

He's like the creepy guy who watches people showering at the gym, as a pokemon.

Is that what you want to leave to take care of your mom?

Some creepy guy, with psychic powers?

Come on Ash, get it together man.