With all the turmoil in Crimea, a press conference clip of the new Prosecutor of the Crimean republic, Natalia Poklonskaya, went viral in Japan, spawning anime-style fan art.

As website Voice of Russia points out, Poklonskaya recently gave a no-nonsense press conference. "I tell the truth and I'm not afraid of this truth. I am no criminal...," she's quoted as saying. "Let them bring legal cases against me. I believe that justice will be done." Tough talk.


Yet, her press conference wasn't subtitled in Japanese (or English, for that matter), leaving some online to concentrate on far more superficial things. One Japanese tweet, which simply read "Crimea's New Attorney General oh oh oh..." and featured a link to her press conference was retweeted nearly ten thousand times.

And, thus, on Japanese art site Pixiv, there's now Poklonskaya anime fan art from Japan—as well as South Korea and China.









For better or worse, it's only a matter of time before the inevitable Natalia Poklonskaya cosplay.

New Crimea prosecutor brands EuroMaidan as 'coup' [Voice of Russia]

Наталья Поклонская [YouTube]

Top photo: 紅茶味覺/Аргументы Недели-Крым

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