Psst. There Are a Lot of Indie Games Coming To Wii U

Watch this video from Nintendo Europe and you will see that, for 160 seconds or so, the Wii U suddenly seems like a burgeoning indie gaming paradise.


What is happening here?

Technically, you're seeing Nintendo of Europe boss Satoru Shibata hype a bunch of download-only eShop Wii U games from European and Australian developers. (Hey, why isn't there a reel of games coming from American indies in any Nintendo video? Did Americans not dig the wonderful Little Inferno enough or something?)

Many of the games in the clip above are already out on Steam or iOS, but that doesn't make them any less interesting.

A few notables:

  • Cubemen 2, already out on PC, will support cross-platform multiplayer between Wii U, PC, Mac and Linux, according to the folks behind that game.
  • We reviewed Nihilumbra when it was released for iOS and liked it a lot.
  • The unusual-looking So Hungry is one of the more unexpected entries on the list. it was just announced for Wii U a few days ago.
  • We just showed readers some of Ittle Dew a week ago and our previewer liked it.
  • Tengami's been turning heads for a year, Q.U.B.E. has been impressing players for just as long.

Some or all of these games may hit the Wii U eShop in North America, but, for now, please note this is a reel intended for a European audience.

Please also note that this is Shibata doing his Phoenix Wright impression:

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Could it be the same games that are on every other platform known to man?

Multi platform indie games are the furthest thing from a selling point you can get, other than doing absolutely nothing.