Heroes of Might and Magic III HD came out last week, but I wouldn't recommend it. While HOMM III is still a wonderful game, Ubisoft's new HD version doesn't add much (redrawn sprites) yet leaves out the two expansion packs. It's nice on iPad—some touchscreen wonk aside—but for PC players I recommend snagging the Complete version, which comes with both expansions.


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Kuili J8i9

Classic Ubisoft, really. If they're not accussing you of stealing for having the gall to buy their crap, by having always on DRM, or forcing you to use their awful, awful, awful, awful uPlay nonsense (they actually had some decent ideas in it, but in another classic Ubisoft move, they fuck it up) they'll just simply do a lazy, shameful and aggravating cash grab.

If anyone complains about EA these days I say they haven't paid enough attention to how Ubisoft fucks its loyal customers over or at best thumbs its nose at us.