In parts of Asia, when you get a haircut, there are hairstyle magazines from which you can pick a new 'do. They tend to have the latest cuts and most of the hairstyles are fairly typical for Asia. But, among the normal styles, there are outliers: The wild ones, the edgy ones, and the very sad ones.

Recently on Chinese site TT Mop, some of the most painfully awkward styles from a hair mag were uploaded online. The entire magazine had 1,250 'dos, some of which you can see on the cover.

Below, however, is a selection of cuts that are trying to hard to be cool and trendy and are failing miserably.


The photos are amusing people online in China (and neighboring Japan), who are finding the dorky pics funny. However, they make me sad. So sad! These young dudes are trying so hard, but...alas. The thought of someone going into their local salon and saying, "Hey, gimme the greasy limp one" induces shudders.


Anyway, TT.mop pics below:

Some of them look like Final Fantasy hairstyles. Really depressing Final Fantasy hairstyles. But is outrageous Japanese host hair really that much better?

科大理发店里炫酷的男士发型杂志 笑尿了!! [tt.mop via 秒間]

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