You might have already known that the new People's Daily headquarters, first erected this spring, looks like a schlong. But did you know it now resembles a golden one?

Chinese site iFeng reports that the building is now being covered with golden paneling to reflect light and make everything think, "Oh hey, that's a golden dick." Okay, I made that last part up.


Designed by a professor from the Southeast University School of Architecture, which is the oldest architectural school in China, the building looks less like a penis from certain angles.

Not a penis.

But from other angles, it looks like this.

Yep, a cock made of gold.

On Chinese microblogs, internet users are combining it with other odd Chinese structures, like TV broadcaster CCTV's headquarters, which resembles pants, circular structures, which resemble balls, and the Olympic Bird's Nest, which resembles a bird's nest.

人民日报新大楼披上“土豪金” []

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