Celebrate Christmas With A Mass Effect 2 Demo

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Next week, the PlayStation Store will be graced with something PS3 owners have been waiting quite a while for: a demo for sci-fi role-playing game Mass Effect 2.

There's no word on just which part of the game you'll be playing - my money would be on the intro sequence where you meet your Cerberus pals - but it will be out on December 21 in the US and December 22 in Europe.

Mass Effect 2 was originally released in January of this year on PC and Xbox 360, but will be making its PS3 debut in January 2011.

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As a gamer who mainlines the PS3 and missed out on ME2, I gotta say I'm really excited about the prospect of getting my demo on for the game. Hoping Bioware did a good job porting it over to the PS3, and it looks just as good as it did on the 360.