Luigi's Death Stare is everywhere right now—people are in love with Luigi's cold, menacing gaze in Mario Kart. This fascination inevitably means there's lots of fan-art and hilarious GIFs floating around of Luigi on the internet. Let's take a look, shall we?

Mind, none of what's highlighted here is a straight up Luigi Death Stare taken from the game—for that, you might want to check our "best of" compilation, or our post on how everyone in Mario Kart 8 looks like a troll. This post is all stuff that people are making or talking about based on the meme:

(Top image by mellownoiz)

If you try logging into Tumblr right now, this is what you'll see:

The reference to this video...

...isn't too surprising given how much Tumblr is blowing up with Mario Kart death stares. There are many GIFs—and at least one person, scuttlebutt, realizes that Luigi has had a death stare for a while now:

Most of what's floating around about Luigi makes him seem like an unhinged character, much like The Villager from Animal Crossing. Who knew Nintendo had such scary characters?

(Via SixpathsofLuigi)

(Via Mexer)

(Via karkats-left-eyeball)

Here's what people have drawn or Photoshopped when it comes to Luigi's Death Stare:

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A couple of folks have even redone Mario Kart 8's box art:

"No one will even try to steal my phone now...."

The year of Luigi might be over, but his revenge has just begun.