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Cafe Girl With Fake Superpowers Freaks New Yorkers Out

Have you ever had someone spill a drink on your laptop? It happened to me once, and I got pretty angry. If only I'd had telekinetic powers...


This whole thing might just be a big promotional stunt for the new Carrie movie, but it's still pretty fun to watch.

(Via Matt Zoller Seitz, who makes the fair point that one of these days, a stunt like this is going to cause an actual heart attack...)

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The Censor

That woman with her phone. . .jeez, I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing.

To have that meta-awareness wherein to think: "this moment may be singular and wholly worth recording; let me get my phone" (the cynical metanarrative being: I can bastardize this experience by putting it on Youtube and treating it like a commodity, thus profiting from it; or to lack the once human quality of being thrilled/terrified/immersed by a moment of, well, the sublime. Either we're smarter animals or branded puppets.

Then to throw another absurd hat into the ring: if that woman posted her video anywhere she would have then created a commercial for a commercial. Holy simulacrum, Batman! Guerrilla marketing is equal parts terrifying and fascinating.