Dragon Ball Z in the Best Hair Wax Promotion Ever

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One of the most iconic elements of Dragon Ball Z are the orange Dragon Balls. The other is unruly hair. Now you can have both.


Japanese cosmetics company Creer Beaute is rolling out Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax in three styles: Natural, Hard, Super Hard. How hard is Super Hard? Over 9000, no doubt!

Each is priced at 980 yen, which is US$9.90. The amazing thing isn't that this is happening. It's that Dragon Ball Z hair wax has taken this long.

プロアーティスト監修 ドラゴンボールZのヘアワックス発売 [Fashion Snap Thanks, Hiro!]

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Brilliant. Although, arguably not as inspired as the Super Saiyan French Fries they released as part of their promotional campaign for Battle of Gods.

Whoever came up with this clearly needs to become president of everything.