Bloodborne Gameplay Video Leaks

This is a gameplay video of From Software and Sony's upcoming Bloodborne. You know, the Dark/Demon's Souls successor for the PS4.


And it's pretty interesting. Not just because it gives us our first good look at the game in action, but because the clip itself is from well before E3, before the project was called Bloodborne.

Back then, it was known as Project Beast, and if you watch the footage closely you'll notice the scenes from last month's rumoured leak are in this video.

It's not an E3 video, then. Maybe it's an internal vid, maybe something from Destination PlayStation, Sony's annual event for retailers that went down in February.

All that's really different is the name, though. This is the same game, so check out the footage before it's taken down (though I've dropped some gifs in for if/when it is).




It looks nice at least. Seems they've upped the visuals a little here.

But it is a From Software game, so it's best to wait and see how it is once you have it in your hands. There's a chance it will be deep and complex, and there's a chance it could fall to pieces.

They've had time with this formula though at least, so they should be pretty safe.

I like what I've played of Dark Souls, but I don't high it in as high a regard as some, so I don't really have the hype for this.