The first Yakuza game debuted on the PlayStation 2. Last fall, an HD version of the game hit the PlayStation 3. This summer, it's coming to the Wii U. How does it stack up?

Today, the first screenshots for Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition for Wii U hit the internet. Via 4Gamer, there were two images: One of the in-game world and another one of a map. Here's the game image:

And below is a screenshot of Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition for the PS3, which was released last November in Japan. It's a nearly identical image.

Or is it? From this sole screenshot comparison, the Wii U version looks to have more jaggy edges than the PS3 one.


Here's how Kazuma Kiryu's jacket compares in each version.


Have a look at the truck in the PS3 version and in the Wii U one.

And it doesn't just appear to be jaggies. Look at how the vending machine textures compare in each version.


Online in Japan, people are now noticing the discrepancy between the PS3 and the Wii versions. This is only one comparison, so it's hard to truly discern the difference. What's more, Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition for Wii U won't be out until this August in Japan. Sega still has some more time to polish up the Wii U release. Hopefully.

『龍が如く1&2HD』WiiU版とPS3版のスクリーンショット比較!こ、これは一体・・・!? [オレ的]

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