Beyond Good & Evil Getting HD Re-Release

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Beyond Good & Evil, one of the best (and yet under-appreciated) games of the previous hardware generation, is to receive a well-deserved re-release in high definition, Ubisoft has revealed.


It won't just be a quick and dirty cash-in, though; level textures and character models are being improved, it'll run at 1080p and the game's score is also being improved.

Beyond Good & Evil HD will be released on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation network sometime in 2011.

If you've never played the original, which was released in 2003, think Zelda (with its dungeons and action/RPG mannerisms) with a little Metroid/Dead Rising (scanning/photography) thrown in for good measure.

Beyond Good & Evil HD Coming Next Year [IGN]



Said it once and I will just say it again:

I'm glad to see all these HD remakes of PS2 games even though they are nothing but a gigantic money grab. Whatever, I'm your bitch sony now give me these packs as well:

-Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 and they better be the damn final mixes!!!

-Final Fantasy X, X2, and XII and again I want the freaking International Editions!!!

-Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3, Substance and Subsitence!!! Big bonus points if you can pry away the remake of 1 and get it thrown on there as well.

-Baldurs Gate: Dark Aliance 1 & 2. Yeah maybe I'm the only one asking for these ones. I don't care Gimme!!!

And maybe some Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Prince of Persia, Okami, and Star Ocean 3 will do nicely as well. NOW GET TO WORK!!! Reply