Bad Company 2 Sells Five Million, FIFA Sells A Lot More

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EA's modern-day shooter Battlefield Bad Company 2 may not have been able to stand toe-to-toe with competitor Modern Warfare 2, but it's accounted for itself regardless, selling an impressive five million copies. A feat FIFA 10 was able to double.


EA revealed the sales figures in a press release earlier today, saying that Bad Company 2's sales "outperformed" the company's own estimates. They're nothing compared to FIFA 10's performance, however, EA Sports' new flagship title showing that when you marry marketing, official licenses and great gameplay, you're rewarded with sales of over ten million units since the game's launch in October 2009.

Indeed, so entrenched is FIFA's success that spin-off title World Cup 2010 has already sold two million copies, this despite the fact the actual World Cup is still a month away.

Later, in a conference call, EA said that Mass Effect 2 had sold 1.6 million copies, while Dante's Inferno sold just under one million.



Mass Effect 2 is at 1.6 million, and Dante's Inferno is "nearly" at a million.


Need for Speed: Nitro on the Wii, on the other hand? Well, let's just say that you don't want to see the data I pulled from the Nintendo Channel ...