At Least This Guy's Excited About Mark Wahlberg In Uncharted

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The popular choice for the role of Uncharted's Nathan Drake keeps things classy on Twitter, weighing in on the unexpected casting of Mark Wahlberg as the charismatic, half-tucked treasure hunter in the big screen adaptation.



How many of you guys whined when Nolan announced that he was casting Heath Ledger to do the role of the Joker?

Because I remember the outrage when it was announced, and look what happened. Ledger did a great job at being the Joker, and I don't say it just because he died. I liked him way before that.

So, why isn't it possible for Wahlberg to pull off a good Nathan Drake?

I'm not really worried about Wahlberg. He's actually a pretty good actor. What worries me is Hollywood's long standing record of awful videogame-to-movie adaptations.

By the looks of it, this movie will focus on the relation between Nathan and his father (De Niro) and his uncle (Pesci), characters, that, needless to say, aren't anywhere to be seen in the 2 Uncharted games.

And they seem to be a kind of fortune hunters, or treasure keepers family. I don't know. What I'm getting at is, this looks pretty different from the story of the games, so that worries me way more than the casting of Wahlberg.

Well, I hope I'm wrong, and this movie turns out to be good.