Like a Phoenix from the ashes, Final Fantasy XIV simply refused to die. The re-released MMO is getting great reviews, and is well worth picking up today for $15, or half off MSRP. It's not free to play, so if you enjoy the initial trial, you'll need to keep paying for access, but at least your initial investment won't be too much of a risk.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn [PC-DVD] | $15

The new Playstation Vita is lighter, slimmer, and has a better battery, and this bundleincludes the excellent Borderlands 2, complete with cross-save functionality with the PS3 version. $200 gets you the console, the game, and an 8GB memory card, and you can pre-order now with price-match guarantee. No charge until it ships. [Amazon]

Walmart not only has Xbox Ones in stock; they'll throw in a free game. Choose from Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Madden 25, or NBA 2K14.

Xbox One Plus Free Game | $500

If you need to re-up your various gaming subscriptions, Microsoft will sell you a year of Xbox Live Gold for $40, or you can get a $10 PlayStation promo code with your $50 purchase of PlayStation Plus from Best Buy.

Xbox Live Gold (12 Months) | $40

PlayStation Plus (12 Months) | $50 + $10 Promo Code

Today at Green Man Gaming, take 20% off of some of 2014's most anticipated titles, including Titanfall, Elder Scrolls Online, Child of Light, Stick of Truth, LEGO Movie, and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. Use promo code 3MCRLE-CG7AF1-G7T08U. [Green Man Gaming]

Xbox One Wireless Controller | $50

If you're looking for a cheap foothold into Nintendo's ecosystem, you won't do much better than this. You were going to buy one of the Pokémon games anyway, so this is like getting the system for $90.

Nintendo 2DS with Pokémon X | $130




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