Please, Watch The First Trailer For Elysium, From The Man Who Directed District 9

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This is the debut trailer for Elysium, the new movie by District 9 director Neill "I nearly directed the Halo movie" Blomkamp.


If you think it looks like a modern video game come to life, right down to the lone super-soldier, you are not alone.


Gawker is Dead

Alright hear me out Kotaku members, this is going to be long.

I have a personal grudge on this movie because I am writing a book called "ELYZIUM" (with a Z) been doing so for a year now

its about outcasts who are left behind on earth after a flood that drowned most of the earth because of a human error that lead one of 14 space stations to crash into another space station which then crashed into antarctica melting the ice and leak nuclear waste onto the ocean basically contaminating all the water on earth, which killed most of the population on earth and only ones left the ones who are onboard of stations, which lead to a massive thirst to store data and history, which then lead to humans trying to "recreate" their history all over again from scratch, since most of the old is lost under the sea.

Which then leads to every station to be its own "World" that is ruled by one government and is very strict in security as it was constantly attacked by outcasts who are called "Drifters" , basically space bandits who these stations have outlawed and "Severed" from their society for many reasons like not following the rules and being misfits, these Drifters normally create their own gang of bandits and gang wars between them over loot is quite often.

However one gang stood up among the rest, and had the idea of salvaging earth , which is now 200 years later after the incident is filled with "Harvesters" , huge robotic machines that "Harvest" the earth for water and decontaminate it and harvest food, and its also filled with fishes that have now grown numerous times their (nowadays) size, for example a squid is now a kraken and a whale is now a leviathan, not counting other animals that have over evolved like Aligators that look like giant snakes, there is basically nothing there but wild creatures, aside from the ruins of the first men (us) and their history.

but this mob led by Johansen thinks of salvaging the earth (which is basically a suicide mission) by themselves, they discover an island that has people who are left behind over 200 years ago by one of the space stations for refusing to leave the earth, they are tribesmen and they were preached by a madman who worships the (now overgrown) sea creatures, and forbids his people to never swim across the maelstroms for doing so, makes the gods of the sea burn their flesh (from water radiation) and steal their souls. they chant "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" as they worship a giant squid called Cthulhu (you know where I am going with this) , based on writings on books the preacher found floating near the sea side that he thought they were holy books sent from Cthulhu to worship him (but in reality they're books and papers that washed away with everything else that died under the sea.

"Johansen" and his eleven crew members by coincidence discover this tribe , as one of his crew members "Collins" crashed his ship "Emma" while trying to maneuver t across the storms, as "Green" tries to rescue him, they were captured by the tribes men , who thought they were some kind of demons from their weaponry, they tried to give SOS calls to the other crew members , but the preacher man was frightened by them and imprisoned them, so the other crew membered went to the rescue as they went there, basically stuff happened between them and the preacher and they had to shoot him, which led to the tribes men to be in shock as the preacher was a fake since he claimed to predict everything thanks to his god cthulhu.

The crew members then discover the remains of the two space stations that have been leaking radiation and they salvaged them and then built their own Space station , the tribes men saw the crew members as some kind of saviours who killed the Sea creature gods and saved them from hell so , they decided to create a new "Paradise" for them that is called Elyzium from the ashes of the old space stations, and it was like "Outer Heaven" (in metal Gear) as it was independent and is basically a safe haven for every drifter as they can live in it, sell their weapons, sell their black market stuff ....etc, these tribesmen have become the protectors of this Elyzium and they're (think Keepers of the Citadel in mass effect)

If you are wondering what the picture that I posted is, Its actually Ode To Joy (the poem) in Sumerian language that reads this

Joy, beautiful spark of the gods Daughter of "Elyzium", We enter, drunk with fire, Heavenly one, your sanctuary! Your magic reunites What custom strictly divided All men become brothers, Where your gentle wing rests.

now having said all this, I am really REALLY bummed that I will publish this book that I love so much and will probably be called off as some kind of rip off of this movie , just because they're both about space stations and both share the name =[