Giovanni, The Team Rocket Boss, Is Pokémon's Best Villian

I'll be honest: even though I've played through most of the Pokémon games, I don't really remember most of the villains I've faced over the years...with one exception, Giovanni.


TheJWittz here dives into the Team Rocket boss and shows us exactly why he's so memorable—aside from giving us one of the best twists in all the games (who could have guessed he'd be a gym leader back in Red and Blue?), Giovanni is also the source of a lot of theories and speculation. Is he, for example, Ash Ketchum's dad? Did he kill himself? Is it possible he's actually the good guy?

We might never know the answer to this stuff, but that's okay. Half the fun is the speculation.

Giovanni Facts and Theories - Feat. ChuggaaConroy [TheJWittz]


All this post reminds me of is how horribly-written Pokemon X and Y are. I can't get over it. The writing is so bad. I don't know if it's the rose-colored glasses speaking, but I feel like GSC were much easier to take seriously. There was something magical about the storyline in GSC that I feel like is missing in XY, especially when it came to retracing your steps from RBY. And I feel like the shit they were dealing with in that generation was so much more real and believable.

Never played RSE, DPP, or B&W, so I can't speak for those.

I enjoy children's media all the time, and I have to say, I'm kind of spoiled. Modern shows like Adventure Time, Phineas and Ferb, Wander Over Yonder, even fucking MLP, all of which supposedly cater to the same crowd of young children, are ten times better-written than the heavy-handed crap they wrote into X/Y.

It's like they're not even fucking trying. Even if the plot itself is shallow, it's really not that hard to at least write compelling dialogue and interesting characters.

Still blows my mind that the only character so far whose dialogue seemed even remotely entertaining was that medium in the swampy route freaking out about losing due to causality.