Japanese porn director Henry Tsukamoto is famous (infamous) for ending his movies with dance numbers that can be summed up best in two words: somewhat goofy.

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The cast of the movie side-step their way out, holding hands. The whole thing is less sexy and more silly. I mean, line dancing?! Really? The cast do remove their clothes, but here, you can see an edited version. While it does not feature any nudity, it does feature wtf:

These endings are called the "Henry Dance" (ヘンリーダンス), and they tend to look like this.


Online in Japan, a couple threads have popped up recently, with commenters noting that while these curtain calls seem old fashioned, they think they're quite wonderful. Since the mid-1980s, Henry Tsukamoto has made numerous adult movies and filmed a surprising number of dance numbers.

The sequences are rather surreal, but I guess the same goes for adult movies in general. Perhaps?

On NicoNico video, some users have added new music to the Henry Dance scenes, giving the numbers a totally different, if not even stranger, feel:

Needs more Guile's Theme, you say. Oh, okay, well, courtesy of Kotaku's Gergő Vas, you shall get just that:


Led Zeppelin×ヘンリー塚本-移民の歌 [NicoNico]

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