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A Direct Comparison Of The New 3DS Zelda And Link to the Past

Illustration for article titled A Direct Comparison Of The New 3DS emZelda/em And emLink to the Past/em

Looks like the newest 3DS Zelda game—announced today as a sequel to Link to the Past—really is set in the same exact overworld as that Super Nintendo classic.


Clever message board posters on NeoGAF and elsewhere have pieced together this side-by-side comparison of screenshots from the new Zelda's trailer and the old Zelda's world, and the results speak for themselves. The new Zelda won't be out until this fall, so in the meantime, we're left to wonder just how much of this 22-year-old world we'll be re-exploring. What will be new? What will be different? It'll be fun to see.

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So...are there any good 3DS emulators out yet? Because I don't own nor will buy a Nintendo console for this but I still would love to play it. I'm perfectly willing to buy the game itself, I'm not asking to pirate it; I just want to be able to run it on my PC.