What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "After these next Sony and Microsoft consoles I don't think there'll be any more."ā€”Peter Relan, co-founder of cloud gaming startup Agawi, talking about the past, present and the future of cloud gaming.

QUOTE | "You have to be willing to be seen as a monomaniacal narcissist."ā€”Tim Schafer of Double Fine, along with other big-name developers, talking about what fame means to them.

STAT | 66,000ā€”Number of Wii U units sold in the US in February, up 45 percent from last month; this compares to the 302,000 Xbox 360s sold and the 263,000 PS3s sold that same month.

QUOTE | "Come hell or high water, we're shipping this thing, and it will be the best our blood, sweat and tears can make it."ā€”Jordan Weisman, head of Harebrained Schemes, talking about the Shadowrun Returns project.


QUOTE | "Predictable and lazy tabloid associations between computer games and serial killings continue."ā€”Adam Keal, PR professional, talking about why games still aren't media mainstream.

STAT | 50 percentā€”Amount Valve's business has increased over the last year, according to Gabe Newell; he said "There's this sort of insatiable desire for gaming right now" in the same interview.

QUOTE | "You can't let [your audience] design the game, necessarily, but ignore them at your peril." - Mike Goslin, general manager of Rebel Entertainment, talking about how audience input is changing its free-to-play game Dungeon Rampage.


STAT | 25 percent ā€”Amount retail sales of video game hardware and software dropped in the US in February compared to last year; hardware plunged 36 percent compared to last year.

QUOTE | "PC is not just another platform ... it will be more and more important in terms of maximizing the game's potential."ā€”Marek Tyminski, CEO of City Interactive, talking about his studio's plans for development following Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2.

STAT | 100 millionā€”Number of games downloaded over Line, the Japanese mobile messaging app; there are only 16 different games available to choose from.


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