Welcome to where time came to a standstill. And then, it collapsed in on itself. "Haikyo" (廃墟) is Japanese for "ruins". Across the country, there are deserted buildings for intrepid urban exploreration. Make no mistake: this is trespassing and even dangerous. These buildings are sealed off for good reason.

Haikyo photos typically depict abandoned houses, hotels, and amusement parks. But those aren't the only things lost to time. Japan also has arcade ruins.


Below, you can see photos of abandoned game centers, bowling allies, and pachinko parlors from throughout Japan. The photos are from various sites. In the links below, there are even more haikyo pics. Please have a look.

If you are interested in perhaps exploring on your own, website Gakuranman has an excellent piece on the hazards of haikyo. It's recommended reading. Ditto for this story on how a haikyo house inspired a computer game.

テーブルゲーム機 [写真の記憶、廃墟の記憶]
外来者歓迎 [○o。..:ニッポン建築紀行:..。o○]
ゲーセン [ディスカバリー]
ホテル篇 [Forbidden Kyushu]
【廃墟】アインB Vol.12 出口へ [DAREDEVIL/HEBUgraph™]
懐かしのあのゲーム [響とバイクと山遊び]
スカイネットぱちんこ [haikyo]
任天堂のゲーム機 [ちくわぱん(デザイン調整中) by 写楽斎]
香川県 廃墟 アミューズメントSⅡ, ゲームコーナー他 [eden]
巨大旅館 カッパ温泉 [廃虚アルティメット]
Nホール富山 ラスト [サビれたブログ]
ロビーの隣のフロアにはゲームコーナー [Flying Ice Cream]

(Top photo: 写真の記憶、廃墟の記憶)

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