A mother got shafted with a whopper credit card bill after her son racked up charges playing an online game, Asahi News reported earlier today.

The teen pestered his mom to let him play an online game (Asahi doesn't specify which). The junior high student and his mom made an agreement that he'd only play the free-to-play bit.


However, the kid got really hooked and began shelling out for in-game items, racking up a credit card bill of ¥240,000 (US$2,500). "I didn't know they cost real money," the teen was quoted as saying. Well, yeah.

The mom apparently consulted with her local consumer affairs bureau to figure out what she should do. Hint: Don't enter your credit card information in online games!

オンラインゲームのトラブル急増 中学生に24万円請求 [朝日新聞デジタル]

(Top photo: choan | Shutterstock)

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