The Pokémon anime debuted on Japanese television what seems like ages ago. The year 1996 is a distant memory. But last night, it came flooding back.

As previously mentioned, Ash's Charizard is returning to the Pokémon animated series as a regular character, er, Pocket Monster. What last night's episode illustrated was just how different the Pokémon anime looks all these years later. And does it ever.

Yes, we already know that Pikachu has changed over the years. And yes, Ash Ketchum has changed, too. Heck, Nurse Joy has also changed!

But last night's flashback, which introduced Charizard to a younger generation of anime fans, was more than a simple hi-def touch-up on widescreen televisions. It allowed the show's creators to revisit classic scenes in a new way. Not everything changed, though. Some things did stay the same—or almost the same. It's interesting to see what was tweaked and what wasn't.


Below are some of the comparisons between the original series and the latest one, Pokémon: Best Wishes:

ポケットモンスターBW シーズン2 第32話 Part1, Part2 [2ch]
おいェ、、、ヒトカゲ捨てた奴美化され過ぎだろ [まゆ]
Ash's Charizard [Bulbapedia]

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