Are you a nerd? A geek? A straight male? Then, perhaps you might hit it off with some women in Japan.

Over a thousand people replied to a recent poll on a Japanese research site on the appeal of otaku ("geeks"). A few years ago, when Train Man was at the height of its popularity in Japan, dating geeks was apparently a thing in Japan, because otaku were seen as diamonds in the rough.

Though, several high profile crimes which centered around otaku reverted the country's geek image back to its unfaltering default.

Still! Some women are keen to date nerds. There are even dating events for women interested in meeting nerds for marriage partners. According to the poll, here are the ten most popular reasons why. Well, "nine" technically as two were tied:


9. Geeks have their own particular likes and dislikes
9. They can understand female nerds
8. Since they know a lot of things, they're well-informed
7. They don't really lust after women
6. They're cute, because they're shy
5. They're diamonds in the rough
4. They're reliable and don't spend money on booze, gambling, or designer goods
3. They're not flirty and don't mess around
2. They know a lot about computers
1. They think deeply about things

Lots of stereotypes in these qualities, but there you have it. And no word about how this ranking plays out for members of the same sex!


In case you missed it, here are nine nerd belongings that make Japanese ladies freak out, and here are nine ways Japanese women know you are a creepy otaku. These things seem to come in nines, huh.

女子が「付き合いたい!」と思うオタク男子の魅力ランキング [Goo via @nifty]

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