Meet Yukimi Matsuo. She is representing Japan in the Miss Universe competition. And she not only loves manga, she also draws it.

Yesterday, Matsuo was named Miss Universe Japan and will represent the country in the upcoming Miss Universe Pageant. The 25 year-old's desire to compete is perhaps different from other contestants: "The reason why I entered this competition is because I want to tell the world about Japanese manga," she said. According to Matsuo, she has a strong sense of duty.

Matsuo has done some local manga work in Mie Prefecture as well as some illustration, but has yet to hit the big time in the super competitive manga world.

When asked what's her type, she told the Mainichi Daily News, "A person who likes manga." Continuing, she added, "If I were to compare my type to a manga, then I like Leorio Paladinight from Hunter X Hunter." So, if you look like Leorio and like manga, you might have found your soul mate!

Below, you can see some of Matsuo's manga work.


<ミス・ユニバース>日本代表の松尾幸実さんは異色のマンガ家兼モデル 「日本のマンガを世界へ」 [まんたんウェブ]
松尾幸実 [Facebook]

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