CD Projekt Red told us they were making a new engine before they told us what it was being used for. Of course, it was pretty easy to guess that The Witcher 3 was the big mystery title that RedEngine 3 was going to power. And now we're getting a look at the open-world that Geralt of Rivia will be roaming through—on all "high-end platforms, including PlayStation 4" as the dev studio says— in the upcoming prequel.

The game's plot will have Geralt going on a more personal quest, trying to save his loved ones while a shadowy threat olooms over the world. How long will all of that take? A press release says that the main campaign will be up to 50 hours long, with side quests also accounting for the same amount of time. So that's 100 hours of gameplay. Better clear your 2014 calendar.