If someone played a video game, any video game, for a couple hundred hours, you'd say, wow, that person must really like that game. If someone played a video game, any video game, for a couple thousand hours, you'd say, woah, that person is hardcore.

How about seven thousand hours?

Popstar Maki Goto is taking time off from music, but certainly has enough time to appear in an online Capcom show that centered around Monster Hunter 3G HD Version. What's amazing isn't that Goto emerged from her hiatus just for this. No, what's amazing is that she had time to squeeze in an appearance from one of her gaming marathons.

Goto is taking off time from showbiz to recoup and, seemingly, play video games—apparently, even pulling off 30-hour marathon sessions. You're going to need marathons like that to rack up gaming hours like she has.

According to Mantan Web, while on the online program, Goto talked about her Monster Hunter 3 playtime, revealing that it was 7,000 hours. That's 291 days. Of Goto's life. Playing Monster Hunter 3.


When asked what she spent more time doing, living her daily life or playing Monster Hunter, Goto replied, "Huh? Oh, I don't know."

When asked what she's been doing on her time off, Goto said she was going to see her friends' concerts as well as checking out the Monster Hunter exhibit at Universal Studios Japan. No doubt, she's also been gaming. An effing lot.


ネット番組で久々登場 芸能活動は「今も休業中」 [Mantan Web]

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