The cat is out of the bag! Between the Wii U launch and the PlayStation 4 reveal last night, it's safe to say that next gen is here, people. But what are people thinking about that reveal last night?

Some of these reactions are funny and witty. Some are thought-provoking. Some are excited. Most, to me, seem to come out of a place of skepticism—mostly to do with how the PS4 was never actually unveiled at the event (which is to say, people were left with more questions than answers).

Check it out:

I think it's likely that people were still super into the event. Despite the skepticism that I saw yesterday, my Twitter feed was still mostly fixated on the PlayStation 4. Obviously people care, right? That's probably why the eyebrow-raising is happening in the first place, nevermind the fact that there really are some iffy things going on with the PS4.


What does it look like? How much will it cost? What do you mean it's not backwards compatible? All valid questions that are worth asking, so none of this seems unwarranted.

What about you, how are you feeling about the PlayStation 4? Sound off in the comments.

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