On February 15, the sky above Russia was set ablaze when a meteorite exploded. Over a thousand people were unfortunately injured, and damage is estimated in the tens of millions. Strewn across the landscape were meteorite fragments. Now, valuable meteorite fragments.

According to NBC, there's now a "meteorite rush" around the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. There are estimates that fragments are worth US$2,200 per gram. That's forty times the price of gold.


"I will keep it," a woman holding a small black stone told Russian TV (via NBC). "Why sell it? I didn't have a rich lifestyle before, so why start now?"

When the Tokyo Broadcasting System arrived in Chelyabinsk, it interviewed people who claimed to have found five fragments. "I found one!" said one villager, adding that the particle was very hot.


In the village, only thirty plus of the recovered fragments have been verified. Large fragments range in diameter from 1 to 5 centimeters.

Another local (above, pictured) said that when he was returning home, he discovered a large fragment that had split into two. When asked by the reporter where they were, the local replied, "I already sold them and put the proceeds in my booze allowance." Now that's a man with priorities. Drinks all around!

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