The standalone version of DayZ is on its way, and in these new screenshots, developers Bohemia Interactive show off some more improvements slated for the upgrade, including face models and some low-res shots of one of the new areas of the map being slotted in.

A post on the game's development Tumblr is also worth a look, as creator Dean Hall answers a ton of specific user questions, as well as sharing the good news that Ivan Buchta, one of the two BI developers detained in a Greek prison for months, is back on the job and "has been a huge asset to the team", helping design the world for the revamped edition of the zombie apocalypse simulator.

As an aside, I'm really digging the way BI have gone about showing this game off. Seeing rough in-game screenshots, which give you a gauge as to how the game's actually progressing, is a welcome change from the industry norm of showing screenshots which are almost pure fiction.

Ivan is back! [DayZ]