Hentai Kamen, "the abnormal super hero", is getting his own movie. The flick was teased last fall, and a live-action film called HK is slated for an April release in Japan.

This post has content some readers might find unsuitable.

Hentai Kamen is a manga that followed a mankini-wearing hero who got superpowers from wearing panties on his head. And somebody, somewhere thought, hey, why not have schoolgirls wear panties on their heads? I guess!

Earlier today, Akiba Blog, a popular otaku site, uploaded photos of a new photo book called "Kaopan" (かおぱん), or "Panty Face". The book's publisher routinely churns out schoolgirl fetish books, so at first glance, this seemed to be its latest unsettling creation. Though, besides the moral question that arises from fetishizing teens, this book seemed strikingly odd. Panty face? Bwah?


If you think this is odd, well, there are loads of people in Japan that do, too. That's why, in Japan, the reaction on Twitter has largely been bewilderment. Akiba Blog has chronicled some of the responses, which range from "There's a masked panty genre?" and "I thought those where bandages" to "I really worry about this country" and, of course, "The fuck?"


Hentai Kamen is a parody manga. This photo book seems like a parody, too—a parody of the various schoolgirl fetishizing that's found in places like Akihabara. Just look at how silly, subversive and over the top the whole thing is, with panties on display, instead of offering leering peeks:

Singing karaoke. Or trying to.


Reading. Or trying to.

Playing the recorder. See above.


In the pool. This seems dangerous!

Walking home from school. Geez, how embarrassing.

With the Hentai Kamen movie coming out this April, and this photo book launching now, it all seems to be a clever—albeit creepy—way to promote the film. No wonder one store in Akihabara is selling Kaopan near copies of the Hentai Kamen manga.


The Hentai Kamen flick opens on April 13 in theaters across Japan. Panty bless you!


女子校生がパンツをかぶった写真集 "かおぱん" 「マジキチ」「衝撃すぎるわw」 [アキバBlog]

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