When nerds get married, they often have very nerdy weddings. This ceremony in China checked all the geeky boxes—and then some.

According to website China Explosion, the groom picked up his bride in an itasha that was covered with stickers of virtual idol Hatsune Miku. His bride was wearing a Hatsune Miku outfit, too, when he whisked her off to the ceremony with the bridesmaids who were dressed as... maids.


There, they changed into new outfits: the bride was Saber from Japanese visual novel and anime Fate/stay night, while the groom was Gilgamesh from the same series.

In you don't follow Fate/stay night, Gilgamesh is totally obsessed with Saber, so this is somewhat romantic. Maybe.

初音ミクが一般男性と中国で結婚式を挙げていた事が判明する [中国的爆発日記]

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