Art is hard. You must practice. But some pictures are easier to draw than you think, once you have the steps. Take Snake from Metal Gear Solid. You can draw Snake. I think.

Recently on 2ch, Japan's largest bulletin board, a Metal Gear fan provided a nifty how-to for drawing Naked Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3. The how-to is step-by-step, expect for the part where the fan skips a bunch of steps:

This part!

As the fan was going through step-by-step, people kept saying the art was too good and that there was no way they could match it. "Anyone can do this?" wrote one commenter. "You mean, anyone cannot, lol." Their results indicated as much.

The Metal Gear fan then painted Snake in watercolors and showed off New Year's cards (top photo) that had been painted with Snake.

How-to drawings have changed—and gotten really effing good.

【誰でも】メタルギアのスネークの描き方を教える【できる】 [2ch]

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