Some people act as if gaming as we know it is in danger, and all of these new experimental titles—Proteus, Dear Esther, Dys4ria, Twine games, amongst others—are to blame. Usually, it's what people designate as 'art games.' Sometimes, if you're in the middle of a "but is it a game" discussion, you can almost imagine a PSA: "...perhaps you or a loved one has come into contact with these questionable titles..."

It's mostly because some titles don't fit the mold; they're not games that look or play at all like games that we're accustomed to. A recent Twitter account has popped up that makes fun of just how ridiculous/pedantic/dramatic these conversations become, that you'd almost think that people are a part of the game police or something.

Well, now there's an actual game police.

And then that conversation about Proteus developed, and...

Maybe you, too, are a part of the game police task force. We're livin' in an Orwellian world, I tells ya.

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