As far as Street Fighter characters go, Juri Han is unique. She's the first Korean Street Fighter character and the sole Taekwondo fighter. She's also tough, evil, and very cool looking.

And that's exactly why Juri, who debuted in Street Fighter IV, has quickly become a fan favorite. It's easy to see why cosplayers would be drawn to Juri, with her unforgettable hairdo and her athletic, yet very appealing and totally rad outfit. Juri will kick your butt. In style.


Like we do every Wednesday, here is a look at some—not all—of the best Juri cosplay the internet has to offer. Who pulled off this Street Fighter character best? Have a look at the wonderful cosplay in the above gallery. Click the lower corner of each image to expand to full size.

For more info on Juri, check out the Capcom wikia. And in case you missed it, here's a round-up of wonderful Chun-Li cosplay.

(Top photo: VampBeauty/DiroPetra/0kasane0)