One day, you'll die. Your worldly possessions will stay behind. Perhaps there are things you want your loved ones to see. Then, there are those things you probably don't.

Nagoya based Keepers handles estate sales for those who pass on, and employee Taichi Yoshida recently gave words of caution to News Post Seven—namely finding stuff that one could never imagine, such as the father who kept women's clothes, lingerie, and cosmetics, or the school teacher who had over one thousand adult videos. I don't know which is more embarrassing: that or the fact this individual didn't have a hard drive.


Nobody knows when they are going to check out. Just make sure you know what you're leaving behind.

元小学校教師 死後に1000本超えるAVが見つかり遺族も絶句 [News Post Seven via 痛いニュース]

(Top photo: pzAxe | Shutterstock)

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