To ring in the New Year, Dominos not only has a very special pizza, but a very pricey one. For a limited time, pizza lovers can order a "Kobe Beef Steak" special. A medium costs ¥4,800 (US$55), while a large is ¥5,800 ($66). Sixty-six bucks!

The Kobe beef is covered in a simple special sauce, which is designed to bring out the flavor of the world famous meat (more here). The cows in areas around Kobe are fed beer and massaged, and Kobe beef is marbled, making the meat juicy and tender.

Dominos is only offering this special pizza pie until the middle of January. And if you just want a taste and don't want to spring for a whole, you can order a half and half.

Kobe Beef Steak [Dominos]

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