Pubes! If finding other people's strands of hair wasn't bad enough, there's something worse. Way worse. That something we can all agree on, of course, is pubic hair.

That's the concept behind these "pubic hair stickers" (inmou shiiru or 陰毛シール). They're not real pubes, but fake gag ones that you can shock your friends with.


Priced at ¥420 (US$5) per set, the stickers were created by a Japanese creative unit called Mekomeko Club, Livedoor News reports. And the stickers are actually made by hand.

Mekomeko Club's Tumblr is filled with photos with ideas on how to use the stickers to gross out both friends and family.

話題沸騰で6000RT超の「○毛シール」って? [Livedoor News]

Mekomeko Club [Tumblr]

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