Japanese toilet tech is world class. For decades now, the country's loos have had more than heated seats and control panels. There's all kinds of fancy toilet tech for high end models. That's probably why when Japanese people visit, say, the U.S., the cold toilet seats and lack of throne features truly baffle them.

Leading the toilet Renaissance is Inax, a toilet maker based in Aichi Prefecture. In the past, Inax has released toilets that can automatically raise the lid when you enter the bathroom, analyze your pee, and even play MP3s. The latest innovation is for Inax's Satis line of toilets: soon, sister site Gizmodo Japan reports, an Android controlled version will be released early next year in Japan. An iOS version is planned for the future.

This app will allow users to do basic things like flush the toilet (and select how much water they want to use), as well as operate the toilet's bidet and adjust water pressure via Bluetooth.


The app also allows users to calculate how much electricity and water they are using as well as track their daily bowel movements with a "Toilet Diary" to track and check their health. The feature has seven different turd shapes to select from, as well as different colors, such as "light brown, brown, dark brown, red, white, or green." I'm no medical doctor, but if your crap is red, white, or green, you probably need more than this app.

スマホで操作できるトイレが来年2月に発売。価格は約36万円 [Gizmodo Japan]