I really freakin' loved Rayman Origins when it hit consoles last year. And I loved the Rayman Jungle Run mobile game that showed up on iOS and Android a few months ago. Remember that I raved about the music in those games, too? So, you can probably guess that I'm psyched for Rayman Legends on Wii U, even though it's exclusive to the Nintendo console that I don't own yet.

The most exciting thing to me about the co-op platformer is the asymmetrical aspects of the game design. They were shown off at this year's E3 demo and show up in this new trailer, too.

Rounding out the digital wares on Nintendo platforms this week are a new JRPG from Level-5, a 3DS version of the original Ninja Gaiden and some sort of Chuck E. Cheese shooter. Don't worry, the rodent is only using souped-up water guns.