Ready those "F*cks of the North Star" jokes, because the iconic manga is now helping people practice safe sex.

For those who aren't familiar with the series, Fist of the North Star debuted as a manga in the early 1980s and was turned into an anime in 1987. Recently, Koei has been developing new Fist of the North Star video games.

These totally official Fist of the North Star condoms are part of Fuji Latex's "Just Fit" line of rubbers. They come in three different sizes, with each box featuring a different Fist of the North Star character. So, there's Toki on the regular sized box, there's Raoh (aka "Fist King") on the extra-large box, and there's their brother (and the main protagonist) Kenshiro on the "free size" or "medium sized" box. Draw your own penis size conclusions!


And yes, retailers have been making puns and jokes based on Kenshiro's most famous line.

These condoms came out last year, but recently, reader L337fool brought them to our attention. Thanks for that, L337fool!


噂の北斗の拳コンドーム [*にこ*@Twipple]

北斗の拳のコンドームが発売 [nyasokuVIP]

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