Longtime owners of Nintendo hardware know how the handhelds and game machines have always been built tough. In recent years, that seems less true (DS Lite hinge problems, anyone?). And even less so for Nintendo's newest hardware, the Wii U.

In Japan, a Twitter user uploaded this pic of a busted GamePad, writing that it fell less than a foot, off the sofa and onto the floor. This wasn't even 24 hours after getting the Wii U, which was released in Japan this weekend.

So, if you do own a Wii U, please be careful. This doesn't look like a Game Boy you can take to war.

Update: Via 2ch, this individual in Japan also broke his/her Wii U GamePad this weekend, after it, wait for this, fell in their bathtub, causing the screen to crack. Other individuals on Twitter are reporting that they've broken their Wii Us, too, so seriously, if you have a Wii U, be just as careful as you would with any laptop or tablet.


Original title changed to better reflect the situation.

明日修理に出します [@norinori2222 via DSPSP初心者講座]

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