Female characters wearing large headphones is a trope in Japanese anime. The headphones make the characters' heads look smaller, thus, by anime standards, appear "cuter". Tropes aside, the headphones are often based on real products. But which ones?

In the past few years, on anime sites, music sites, and anime music sites, audiophiles and casual listeners alike have been trying to nail down the real world versions of the various headphones they spot.


That's why on Japanese forum 2ch, net users marveled out how a "foreigner" worked hard to compile a detailed list of the actual types of headphones that appeared in various anime and video games. (The 2ch thread didn't cite the source, so if you know which thread this image originally appeared on, let us know so we can credit.)

Check out the real world versions in the gallery above—also check out how expensive they are. Manaka Takane from Konami's Love Plus love simulator is sporting Sennheiser headphones that cost well over a thousand bucks.

外人『日本のゲーム&アニメキャラが使ってるヘッドホン特定したわ』 [へちま速報]

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