Over the past 24 hours or so, a number of women working in the game industry (and some male colleagues) have taken to Twitter to share their stories via the hashtag #1reasonwhy.

They're not motivational tales. Instead, they're accounts of the rampant sexism and discrimination many have faced in the past, and are still facing today. The volume of the confessions, not to mention the important and prominent role of many involved, is sobering.


The tag's name is meant to suggest people are listing the #1 reason why there aren't more women making games. The scale and variety of responses obviously make a mockery of the whole "#1" bit.

If you're a guy, and have never really "got" why women face an uphill battle in many parts of the game industry—or why people make a big deal out of it—try and imagine it's you facing this kind of crap in your workplace. See how insignificant it would be then.


UPDATE - If this has got you down, the flipside hastag #1reasontobe is collecting the reasons women do want to be working in the games business.