Japan seems to have an idol for everything. Besides all the typical singing schoolgirl idols, there's a glasses idol, a retro gaming idol, and even an "ugly" idol. So you can bet there's also a military idol.

Meet Mii Aihara. She got her start working at a Mia Cafe, a maid cafe in Tokyo's geek district Akihabara. But somewhere along the line, she started appearing in military toy gun mags and showing up at survival games. Before she knew it, she was a gun nut.

In 2009, she acquired her first airsoft gun and the following year, she got a permit to own a shotgun. She not only poses with assault rifles in camo bikinis, but she even dresses up as video game and anime characters and fires said weapons.


Aihara isn't just an idol, she's a "Military Idol" (aka a "Milidol") or a "Sniper Idol" (aka a "Snidol"). She seems to be a good shot! Check out her videos, courtesy of Hyperdouraku (via Rocket News) in the above gallery. She unloads round after round at a shooting range in Guam. Apologies for the pantyshots!

This is niche stuff. But in Japan, a segment of otaku (geek) culture is very interested in military weapons and outfits. Otaku aren't only video game and anime related; there are military otaku shops in Akihabra and Den-Den Town, which is Osaka's version of Akihabara. It is possible to own hunting rifles and shotguns in Japan (handguns are outlawed), but regulations are incredibly strict. Thus, gun enthusiasts and military otaku often collect replicas or airsoft guns. Hardcore enthusiasts even visit places Hawaii or Guam to fire real weapons. This is the segment of geekdom Aihara has in her sights.

If you do love guns and are ever in Akihabara, Aihara still works as a maid in Akihabara. Maid by day, deadly sniper by night!

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