Are you a working dude? A popular working dude? If not, you might be giving off telltale signs to your female colleagues that you are not popular. Japanese research website Otome Sugoren (via Sugoren) regularly polls its women readers and has come up with the seven most popular ways women (in Japan, at least) know that a male colleague doesn't exactly have a jammed social itinerary. And guess what, video games make the list, not once, but twice.

Everyday, heading straight home after work
This, it seems, makes you appear like your offline life is dull!


Without exception, always eating mom's home cooking
Many Japanese adults live with their parents until they get married. However, always eating what your mom cooks, instead of going out, makes it apparently seem like you have a Mother Complex. "You don't eat with your friends?" asked a 20-something year-old woman who participated in the survey.

Playing pachinko all the time
"Always gambling means that he doesn't have any friends," said another 20-something female. Gambling, while popular, is generally seen as a bad trait.

Playing video games at home until late at night
"It's like he seems like such a good guy, doesn't he have anything better to do?" asked one, while video games were described as "child-like" by many of those polled. However, Otome Sugoren was quick to point out that many ladies do like video games, so they probably would not have an issue with this.


Drinking with other unpopular guys
Or maybe the male co-worker likes these other guys? Maybe they're all really popular? With each other? Don't be so judgmental, Otome Sugoren readers!

Frequenting hostess bars and other night spots
"It's sad when a guy can't talk to girl unless he pays her money," said a 20-something year-old female. Many others said this was a waste of money.

Going to game centers or karaoke alone
Not only does this seem "sad", but one even called it "scary". Otome Sugoren points out that some people enjoy going to karaoke or game centers alone (I do!), but added that it might be a good idea to occasionally go with friends.

Getting totally shitfaced drunk alone
Somehow, I don't think the issue here is not being popular...

Obviously, not every Japanese female would agree with these—some of them might even be guilty of one, or more, of them.

同僚から「モテない男だなー」とガッカリされるアフター5の予定9パターン [スゴレン]

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