Akihiro Hino, the guy who runs game maker Level-5, usually looks like he does in this Game Watch Impress photo. Or sometimes, he looks like complete hell.

That's why Hino was quick to jokingly ask for forgiveness because his manga counterpoint looks "way too handsome". He also added that he was "a little happy" about this manga. He should be!


Here's the cover of a new, special Inazuma Eleven manga, with Hino on the cover. Hino, in dreamboat manga form, that is.

The title of this manga is The Story of Inazuma Eleven's Birth, and it also features Professor Layton, among other Hino creations.

。ちょっとイケメンに描かれすぎているのはご勘弁w [@AkihiroHino via インサイド]

(Top photo: Game Watch Impress)

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