That up there isn't some joke image someone tossed up on Tumblr. It's a real photo, taken from the Library of Congress' video game collection, and it features vintage strategy guides, rebound and preserved for the ages.

The image was taken from a recent in-house interview held on the Library's site, which goes into detail on how old games are actually being stored, including the tricky solution to breaking down bulky old PC boxes so that every last piece of cardboard can be saved.


An example shown is Fallout 2, and how the box, warranty, inserts and marketing all have to be isolated and re-packaged to fit with the library's catalogue standards.

According to David Gibson, a Moving Image Technician, there are now over 3000 games packaged like this, and over 1500 strategy guides. You can check out the full interview, including shots of Day of the Tentacle boxes, below.

Yes, The Library of Congress Has Video Games: An Interview with David Gibson [Library of Congress]