Did you get a Wii U over the weekend? Good for you! You go enjoy that. This question is for those, like me, who did not.

I'm curious as to why you didn't go line up and get one at launch. Are you waiting for more games? Better games? A price-drop? Different colours? Or have you decided, in your infinite wisdom, to write off a console on day one, regardless of how amazing its future games and experiences may be?


Me, I never even flirted with the idea of thinking about looking into getting one. Not now. At that price, the pitch (it lacks the Wii's initial wow factor)—and launch lineup—needed to be a lot stronger. I'll be holding off until I can walk into a store and walk out with 2-3 games that I'm excited to play, not just be mildly enthused by.

Basically, a Zelda game normally does the trick.